May 02, 2015: Milwaukee, WI

Join Great Lakes Brewing Company and River Alliance of Wisconsin for Milwaukee Aquatic Invasive Species Bridge Snapshot Day in Estabrook Park. Volunteers will monitor for invasive species in and along Milwaukee rivers. Once identified, suspicious plants and invertebrates will be gathered and removed.


As a thank you for their hard work, volunteers will enjoy an after party at Stubby's Gastrogrub and Beer Bar. Starting at 6PM, Stubby's will feature a year-round, seasonal, and pub exclusive GLBC beer, plus buffet-style appetizers and live music from Kyle Feerick.

River Alliance of Wisconsin Invasive Species Workshop

River Alliance of Wisconsin Invasive Species Workshop

About the Organization

Our mission is to advocate for the protection, enhancement and restoration of Wisconsin's rivers and watersheds. Our members are urban, rural and retired; anglers, paddlers and lovers of water and some depend on rivers to make a living. Together, our common interest is a shared passion for rivers and the inspiration they bring.